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                   Consignment Information

  First time consignors: Please call us ahead at (716) 790-1663 to let us know what you plan on bringing in, as well as to see what season we are currently accepting, and to see if we have the space or demand for larger items.

In addition to larger baby equipment, please limit your initial drop-off to 50 pieces of clothing/outfits and 1  tote (20 gallon or smaller) of toys or miscellaneous items. Please read our "What We Sell" page to see what items will be accepted for consignment.

   * Established consignors: Please feel welcome to drop off items at your leisure any time during our regular business hours Monday-Friday. Please, no weekend drop-offs unless prior arrangements are made. As always, please call to inquire about larger items. Please limit drop off to 2 bins per drop off (1 bin clothing, 1 bin miscellaneous), but you are welcome to drop off items several times per season.

   * Within the next couple weeks, we will review your items for acceptability. Any "no thank you items" will be placed back into your bin for you to pick up.

   * Please do not be offended if there are items we are unable to accept. We carefully inspect each item offered to determine if it meets our customers desires. Because of liability reasons, we can not accept any items including clothing that is over 5 years old.

​* If clothing is brought in out of season, we may purchase selected pieces at a rate of $.25 for single items, and $1.00 per outfit. and the money will be added to your account. Please message us 2-4 weeks after drop off to arrange pick up of your bin. Bins/unaccepted items left more than 6 months will be donated. Unaccepted clothing brought in bags or boxes will be donated immediately as they are harder to store and locate. 

    * Consignment period will be 6 months from the day the items are put on the sales floor.

    * The sales price will be set by Little Snuggle Bugs. We strive to set good prices for both our customers and consignors. We will research most items online and will usually price it approximately 50% of the retail price for toys/equipment and 50%-75% of the retail price for clothing, depending on condition, brand, demand and space.

    * Items will be kept at full price for at least one month, after that it will be marked down further at the discretion of Little Snuggle Bugs. Seasonal items are subject to clearance prices at the end of the season.  All inventory older than 6 months will automatically be donated or forfeited to the store.

   *The consignor will receive 40% of the selling price for clothing and accessories, and 50% of the selling price on larger items such as baby equipment.

   Checks may be issued for balances over $25.00, amounts under this can be paid as cash, or can be used as store credit.

    *Store credit can be used at anytime after a balance builds.

    * If you would like your check mailed to you, please supply us with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


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